Thursday, February 19, 2015

This little bit of weirdness crossed my desk last night.  I do not for a minute claim to be in David Anthony Domet's league, but as another Catholic, Canadian blogger, I can tell you that this has given me a sense of doom I haven't felt in a long time.

The Church Militant has weighed in.

I do not know what Fr. Rosica expects to gain by this exploit.  David Domet on his blog, Vox Cantoris, has had plenty to say about Fr. Rosica's commentary on The Synod on the Family.  From my reading, I do not see calumny or libel.  David Domet simply allows Fr. Rosica to inform us of his views in his own words.  Vox simply points out the obvious and offers commentary.

Fr. Rosica's actions seem petty.  What is he afraid of?

And as for Fr. Rosica, I will leave you with this:

Father Rosica's Salt and Light interview with Gregory Baum, former priest

Really, why is Fr. Rosica worried about what bloggers say about him?  He speaks for himself rather well.