Monday, March 26, 2007

A Matter of Time

Hi Again

Wow. It's been a while. Things have been busy to be sure.

Lent is nearly done and I haven't even mentioned it! And I won't today, either.

Recently, I picked up a book belonging to one of my girls. It was a story of a young girl who discovered a way to travel back in time, in this case to the time of her mother's adolescence.

It was a nice little book to read. And I realized that I have read books with this theme several times as I grew up.

What is our fascination with time travel? I remember reading War of the Worlds by HG Wells many years ago and my strong interest in it.

More recently, I discovered a time travel of sorts. It was in the process of listening to a talk during RCIA given by our priest at the time. I was also an instructor, but this time I was definitely among the instructed!

I believe I've mentioned in a previous blog entry kairos and chronos time.

In our society, as well as European society, we live with chronos time. Time goes in a line and when it passes, it will not come by again. Kairos time is the time that God lives. Everything is there, past, present and future, all at once.

When we celebrate Mass, we are brushing up with kairos time. We are present in the death of Christ on the cross and at His resurrection. This is not a play. We have the real thing, right now and until the time when Christ returns to us in glory.

The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is being celebrated in the world somewhere at virtually every moment of every day. And yet it's all the same Mass. It's been going on now for about 2000 years, since it was instituted by Christ Himself just before He was crucified.

So, how 'bout some REAL time travel?

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