Friday, November 23, 2007

A Great Book

Hello again!

Dh and I were recently at the VV Boutique...also known as Value Village. It has not been in our community a long time, but we've already learned to scour the bookshelves.

On my last visit, I picked up, along with a copy of "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" and a book on understanding the St. Paul's Letter to the Romans, a copy of Matthew Lickona's "Swimming with Scapulars" (Loyola Press).

I liked the title, and I think I'd actually heard of it before.

It was definitely a book worth bringing home.

Matthew Lickona is a young man writing about his living out his Catholic faith in a country where society is not very encouraging to this process. Matthew would probably be referred to as "conservative" or maybe "orthodox" in his beliefs.

I found the book honest, humourous, somewhat educational, and quite accurate as he describes various aspects of his life and faith. Although he is ten years younger than I am, I could relate to much of what he writes.

I recommend it.

God Bless