Sunday, June 01, 2008


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Not long ago, we were out of town. Our hotel thoughtfully supplied us with a copy of the "National Post" which I do not often get the chance to read.

There was, I thought, an interesting convergence of articles.

One article, by Lawrence Solomon, was about Wikipedia, and a particular editor who is, it would seem, engaging in a form of thought-policing.

Another article, by Charles Lewis, was about Evangelical Christians and what they see as their role in converting Jews.

Yet another article was concerning history. Whom do we believe?

There was even an article on medical imaging and its believability.

Solomon wrote of his experience in trying to edit an incorrect Wikipedia article. The article, according to Solomon, misrepresents a scientist's work concerning global warming. The editor kept undoing Solomon's correction.

The article in question is about climate change and the purported concensus among scientists with the position on climate change taken by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change.

As Solomon was correcting the article, he was drawing from a personal knowledge of the work of one of the scientists named. His correction was repeatedly undone by the editor. There was no room for discussion. Wikipedia, through the work of this editor, refuses to acknowledge alternate views on climate change.

In Lewis's article on a New York Times ad placed by World Evangelical Alliance. The ad encourages Evangelicals to work for the conversion of Jews to Christianity.

A professor at York University, who is himself a convert from Christianity to Judaism, reads into this that the Evangelicals do not think that Judaism has a right to exist. Is this what is really said?

It is difficult, in this time of duelling ideologies and the accompanying barrage of "information", (I put that it quotations because I am sure information is really only that when it is accurate. Given the constant contradictions, it cannot all be correct!) to know just who tells the truth.

(As I finish this entry, I have just finished reading yet another article bringing serious question to the global warming assumption).

Jesus Christ has told us that HE is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. I am certain that He was not referring to global warming, although Pope Benedict XVI has. Jesus calls us to look beyond our earthly concerns, at least part of the time, and get a view of eternity. THAT is the Truth to which He speaks. Our view of eternity can be potentially rosy, if we look to God for guidance. We can find very real, earthly guidance in Jesus' presence on earth in the Catholic Church.

We are blessed indeed to know, absolutely, where the truth of all that is important, lies.

God Bless

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