Thursday, December 03, 2009

Projected Blog Improvement!

Happy Advent!

I am working on finishing a book I started several years ago.

I am hoping that the work I do on this blog is practice for larger projects. One of the problems I have been having, and I'm sure my astute readers have picked up on this but have been too polite to say anything, is knowing when to (or not to) capitalize religious terms like baptism, sacrament, mass...

I know I am not consistent in this. I have had nothing to refer to.

I think I have made a discovery which will help me tighten this up. It is called the CNS Stylebook on Religion.

It looks like a gem that should be in every Catholic resource library.

It contains Catholic terms as well as other religious terms and organizations, historical notes.

The only thing holding me back from ordering it right now is my inquiry regarding a Canadian equivalent.

So maybe someday I'll know if it's Mass or mass...

God Bless


the booklady said...

Sounds like a book I could use as well. I never know when to capitalize those words either!

JP said...

I have a dear friend with whom I correspond regularly. She is also a devout and well-formed Catholic.

She tunes me up occcasionally.

She made a comment which made me think. It was something like "We capitalize Sunday, why would we NOT capitalize Mass?

Given the importance of the Mass, it really does only make sense. To me anyway!