Monday, February 08, 2010

Christian Life: A Study in Plaster

Several years back, Someone passed on to me a very battered statue of Jesus. The thought was "She'll know what to do with it". This poor thing had no hands, and was chipped all over

When blessed objects (and I assumed that this statue was blessed) outlive their usefullness and/or are damaged, the correct disposal method is to burn or bury them.

I'm not always quick to get things done. This poor statue sat on the piano for quite some time.

Then I heard the story about another hands-free statue. It was said that this statue was a reminder to Christians that we are Christ's hands and feet in the world. Very neat!

I kept the statue. Then it occurred to me that the chips might be a symbol too. As we are out and about being Christ's hands in the world, we are probably going to get rather battered. No one said Christian life is easy.

We need to remember to offer up those dings and bruises to God so he can use our sufferings for the good of others.

I love being Catholic.

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