Monday, March 29, 2010

Days of Darkness

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As I was trying to fall asleep last night, I was reflecting on current 'events' in the Church.  Maybe not so current...and maybe not really events.  Depends on who you talk to, I think.

There is another newscast, this one from Rome (as if that lends it some sort of legitimacy.  No one from Vatican 'officialdom' had any part in the clip).  More on Benedict's involvement (so they say) in the abuse scandals.  "People" are demanding transparency from the Pope.

Sure.  They will likely get it.  As a matter of fact, if they read Church sources instead of what's in the media, the light might already be dawning.  Transparency will not help.  People will not believe what does not fit into their pre-conceived least not without some sort of revelation.

One need only look at the 'case' (so they say) surrounding Pius XII's supposed non-aid toward the Jews.  SO much of what was done by the Vatican is part of the public record, and has been for years, if one really wanted to find it.  Now, the Vatican has released a pile more of their documents surrounding the time of WWII.  I will be very surprised if this quiets the chattering classes.  I will be grateful...but surprised.  There really was enough evidence already available to show the good works of Pius XII.

Jesus had the same problem.  People asked Him for miracles to prove that he was the Messiah.  They'd had plenty.  Jesus recognized that more miracles would not change their minds.

The Pope is under attack.  No question.  He needs our prayers.  Even if you're not convinced of his lack of involvement in alleged scandal cover-ups, please pray that the Truth will be borne out...and that we'll all listen.

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Gabriel Wilensky said...

JP, as you said, the public record of the Vatican during WWII is known and available to anyone wishing to look. For those, they'll find a Church largely inactive in the face of genocide. No amount of wishful thinking will change this. It is possible Pope Pius XII had "heroic virtues" and acted "discreetly" to save Jews, but if so, this is not part of the public record and thus currently unknowable.

Also, making the documents in the “Acts and Documents of the Holy See Relative to the Second World War” volumes widely available online is a good thing. However, it is important to point out that these documents had been available for decades and the commission established to elucidate the role of the Catholic Church and Pope Pius XII during the Nazi Era based on these documents disbanded after it was unable to do just that with just those documents. The commission had requested further material from the Vatican Secret Archives but these were denied. Thus, no one should expect this material to make new revelations.

Gabriel Wilensky

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