Sunday, April 18, 2010

Praise Be!

Good Evening;

(Just a note that this is an older post that I just finished.  The liturgical reference is out of date!)

Today at Mass, I cantored the psalm, which was part of psalm 19.

After Mass, a member of our clergy came up to me and clasped my hand and told me I'd made his day.

"How?" I asked.

He told me that the psalm was well done and what he needed to hear.

I thanked him. Later I realized that God had ministered to this man through me, and I was totally unaware.

My lack of awareness would prevent my interference, no doubt.

Wow. What a gift this was! Something rather mundane (I have cantored a lot over the past 10 years) had been turned into something very special for at least one person.

I wonder how often we effortlessly and unwittingly extend God's touch?
Is it not wonderful that God can use people this way?

Now I must remember that God can work whenever and however and through whichever means He desires.

The story of Balaam's Ass is humbling.  I like the way singer Don Francisco put it in his song Balaam:
 " When the Lord starts usin' you, don't you pay it any mind.  He could have used the dog next door if He'd been so inclined."

I'm still thankful that I was there...

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