Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's a Strange Strange World

I was recently captive on a 5 hour jet flight.  Our young son, who was accompanying me, quickly discovered that he could get programmes here that he cannot get at home.  Being a long flight, I let him watch.

Something occurred to me as we watched a well-intended children's music programme which is hosted by some very silly looking adults.

The world of children seems almost designed to create confusion.  We see examples of sexualized childhood all over the place.  No attempt seems to be made to respect a child's latent period (regarding sexual development).

 We have kids who are growing up with silly adults...adults dressed up as children, or in strange costumes which don't actually attempt to hide that there is a person role models.

So, to summarize:  our kids are being forced to behave like adults before they're ready, but which adults are they supposed to emulate?  The ones dressed up as bananas?

I can't think, off the top of my head, of a children's program in which adults look and behave as adults.  I'm sure there must be one somewhere.

This caused me to think back to when I was a child, in the early days of children's television.

Mr. Dressup.  Captain Kangaroo.  Friendly Giant, Romper Room...Adults dressed, and for the most part behaved, as adults.   And children appeared as children.

I'm not sure where I"m going with this, except to suggest that people be aware of what your children are watching.  I know that's been said before.  But if some thought that children's programming was unhealthy 40 years ago, I can only imagine what they'd say now.

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