Friday, August 20, 2010

A Comparison of Masses

I am borrowing another's (Mary's Anawim) blog today.  Please view the link embedded in the title.  You will see a Mass celebrated by a newly ordained priest in Montreal.  While I don't much like the background music, it looks like a gorgeous Mass and procession in honour of The Assumption.  Way to go, Fr. Greg!

The is the stuff which could foster nightmares.  Liturgical nightmares at the very leasts.  I'm glad there did not seem to be any children in the congregation.  They might have been scarred for life.


Marco said...

Fr Greg is a good buddy of mine, and thoroughly represents a new generation of priests loyal to the magisterium. In a diocese like Montreal, taking a stand is often very dangerous, so we can commend him on his courage! I appreciate your comments on youtube! lol!! Drop in to my blog, 'Confessions..' with you get a chance!

JP said...

I had the pleasure of working with (not yet) Fr.Greg for the summer of 2006 (I think that was it) when he was at our chapel.

I have heard of the situation in Montreal. Someone referred to potential "crucifixion" of loyal priests. Yikes. St. Jean Vianney pray with us for these men!

Liked what I saw of your blog. You don't mess around, do you? LOL. Someone has to speak up. Some of us are just trying to recover from burn out, in part from doing the same thing. Take care of yourself. Life in the trenches, as I'm sure you already know, can get rough.