Thursday, August 04, 2011

As the World Turns

My eldest daughter has been in THE big city, the centre of the universe, for a year now.  She already had a Bachelor of Arts in English but decided she wanted to be a chef.

So to Toronto. 

She finished her year of chef training which, although well promoted, was disappointing.  She persevered.  She is now working three jobs (two in her field) and barely covers her rent on a room.  Well, it IS Toronto...

At one job, she gives as little notice as she reasonably can that she wants a few days off to come see us.  If she gives more notice, she will not be scheduled to work in the time leading up to her departure.  She knows she won't be scheduled for a week or more after she gets back, either.

Another job she was hired for was supposed to be full-time days.  Although she didn't mind the job, it was not full-time.  She was sent to another location of the same business with the promise of more hours.  She did not like this position as well, as it took her away from food preparation.  And it wasn't full-time either.

The third job is intermittent, and again, doesn't actually have her doing food prep.

Now, one job is not scheduling her (no explanation) and the other didn't pay her for her last pay period.  The cheque was written incorrectly and instead of re-issuing the cheque, they said they add it to her next cheque which should have arrived today, but hasn't.

How is a person supposed to keep body and soul together in an expensive place if he doesn't even know if he'll be given what he's entitled to?

And how is a young person supposed to get a start in life if when he or she gives it the best they've got, they get nothing?

Our daughter has opted to come home and try life from here for a while.  She's already applied to several positions in our area.

Scripture tells us that a worker is worth his wage.

Would that all saw it that way.

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