Sunday, April 30, 2006


Today is Sunday, the Third Sunday of Easter.

Father is still wearing the white chasuble of a high season. We will be celebrating Easter until Pentecost. A total of 50 days.

Today we had the pleasure of witnessing a Baptism during Mass. This is not something that happens often. Baptisms are usually performed after Mass, although the families are introduced earlier.

With the Baptism, we also heard the Litany of the Saints, which is normally heard only at the Easter Vigil...when there is a Baptism there.

Father's homily today was mainly a catechesis on Baptism. Why do we baptise infants? It shows in an obvious way that God's grace is a gift given freely to us. We do nothing to deserve it. This practice also shows a sort of continuation of the covenantal practice of the Jews of circumsising their baby boys. Parents are allowed to make that decision on behalf of their children. So it is with the Catholic Church and the New Covenant given to us by Christ. Parents may decide entrance into this covenant on behalf of their children.

I love Sundays. It is hard to describe how wonderful it is to be able to paricipate in the Mass. Of course it is possible to go to Mass during the week, but Sunday Mass is very special. It's kind of like Easter 52 times a year.

It is easy to become rather non-chalant about recieving Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, if one doesn't keep in mind constantly what a phenomenal gift this is. For myself, the more often I go to Mass, the easier it is to recall this gift.

God Bless


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Anonymous said...

I will have to go agree with you J. I love Sundays as well. There is a very special presence on Sundays, that you don't find on weekday masses. I wish, however, there was weekday masses. I know that Father's life has been insane lately, but there is just something about going to mass daily. When I was overseas, I went daily. I found it really restored order and balance to my life.
It was certainly a treat to hear the Litany. C&D's version was nice, but call me a traditionalist, I like the accapella version better. There is just something very ...hmmm..indescribable about it. I think that's they way it was at last years vigil...I can't recall now. Look forward to your next blog!