Friday, July 03, 2009

Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away...

...but my words will not pass.

Sayeth the Gospel of Matthew (24:35).

You would never know that this has been pre-ordained by listening to some environmentalists.

Once again, I have been assaulted by all the hype on Global Warming (sorry...yet another season is passing here which is making me wonder if some warming couldn't benefit us). I read more on carbon credits which are, if I understand correctly, a way of buying the ability to burn more resources. I gather if you pay some environmental service enough, you can assume that whatever carbon you produce has been 'covered' or accounted for (environmentally speaking). No guilt, and it seems to me, no responsibility.

Funny...this is how some people see the practice of Indulgences in the Catholic Church. While this is a misunderstanding of Indulgences, the Church has been raked over the coals for years for this supposed practice. Apparently Environmentalists such as Al Gore feel "enviro-dulgences" are okay for them.

Yesterday, I decided that our electric kettle is pretty much done its useful life. This life has been less than five years. It's not really a cost issue that bothers me here. It's that it was such a short life...and now the kettle will be landfill.

Both dh and I remember our mothers having electric kettles that lasted our entire childhoods. This seems to me to be right in line with the first of the three 'r's...REDUCE, reuse,recycle.

I honestly think that this is another sign of the disconnect between the environmental hype and actual practice. The sign would be built in obsolescence. Things seem to be made to wear out. Imagine how much less garbage we'd produce if our furniture, appliances, i-pods, shoes, etc were built to last, rather than being built to break down.

To me, this is at least as nonsensical as by-laws prohibiting line-drying clothing, or the drive of increasingly small families to have increasingly large homes.

Large homes mean large amounts of money. Yet we squawk if we have to pay for something that will a durable kettle.

We really do need to examine our priorities. God's word and graces are freely given. FREELY given and they don't pass away. Yet we refuse them. We balk at what embracing those words causes us to do...shun sin (and no, we are not always successful at that), spend time talking and listening to God, our creator (wow...quiet time! People pay big bucks to find that peace, too). Our Creator has our owner's manual. We run better when we consult the manual and follow its recommendations!

Despite all the doom and gloom environmentalists try to throw our way, they are correct about something. The Earth WILL pass away. Are we ready for what happens next?

God Bless