Sunday, July 26, 2009

A strange evening

Last night found me driving on black asphalt, in driving rain and total darkness...except for oncoming traffic which merely showed that the detailers at the dealership had put something on the windshield which became smeary when wet. Lovely. It was so dark otherwise that the light from my headlights seemed to be absorbed. We were returning from a neighbouring community where we'd been watching a play.

Then I noticed things on the road. My first thought was leaves...but it was raining hard and the leaves were moving. Shoot! Frogs! They were all over! Avoiding them really wasn't a realistic (or safe) option, unfortunately. Ick.

We even hit a bit of fog, just to complicate things further. Did I mention that I don't like driving at night at the best of times?

What made me think of Scripture though (well, other than little prayers muttered while trying to make out the edges of my lane) was when I was undressing at home. I looked at what should have been my clean blouse. I had only been wearing it a couple of hours.

On the back was a squashed grasshopper. Just a little one. Ick again, but how? Then I remembered. As I approached the exit of the theatre where we'd been watching a play, people were around the door. Some were preparing to go out into the torrent, but someone said "Is it snowing?". It was far too warm to snow, even up here, but there was definitely something, other than rain drops, in the air. I was trying to find my kids so I didn't think anything of it until I got to the car and noticed people standing inside the building staring at the door. After confirming this with my daughter, I realize they were watching the tiny grasshoppers that seemed to be attacking. As I suspected, I found the rest of the insect, and part of another one, pressed into the upholstery of our new vehicle, as we got in for Mass this morning.

My daughter commented that we had better buy a lamb and sprinkle our doorpost or she might be out a brother!

It would seem we went from play to plagues!