Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mayonnaise Sandwiches...a Fate Worse than Death

Meant to get this sent out much earlier, but the fog rolled here it is now!  God Bless!

We have had a great deal of bad news, in one form or other, over the past couple of months.

Planned Parent advocates in the United States have called those who would restrict their public funding stupid, while themselves saying brilliant things like not having them (PP) would result in mothers having to feed their children mayonnaise sandwiches and Ramen noodles at the end of the month to "fill their little bellies".   I respectfully ask PP what alternative they would rip those little bellies wide open and kill the children?  Goodness knows PP does not offer material assistance to those who have their children, instead of aborting them.

In Canada, LifeSite News is being sued by Father Raymond Gravel because they've said fairly clearly that he is not a good example of a Catholic priest.

In a National Post article  on the subject of Father Gravel, Father Thomas Rosica from Salt and Light Television weighs in in Father Gravel's defence against LifeSite, although he says he doesn't agree with him.  Father Rosica has his own ax to grind with LifeSite, who took him to task when he labelled as "Taliban Catholics" those who took issue with the flashy Catholic funeral of pro-abortion Senator Ted. Kennedy.

In that interview, Father Rosica felt compelled to mention that Father Gravel had counselled women against abortion.  It is utterly remarkable to me that Father Gravel's public record is so spotty that his counselling against abortion is worthy of mention.  Counselling against abortion is only what any faithful Catholic priest would do!

This week, Michael Voris issued a Youtube segment regarding the accusations leveled at Taliban Catholics

You know, this is not how I like the Canadian Church to show up in the media...

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